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New York State of Mind

Miami sports fans feud with New York sports fans for good reason: Big Apple fans are obnoxious, they infest our stadiums, and Yankees aside, their teams are rarely even good. And after a few years of dormancy, the rivalry has picked up lately, and it hasn’t been too bad for our home teams. The Marlins have owned the Mets during a particularly embarrassing stretch of losses. The Dolphins have beat the Jets three out of four times and have had the unique pleasure of watching them fall one game short of the Super Bowl two years in a row. But it’s the matchup of the Miami Heat and New York Knicks that is poised to be the most contentious of the three. After doing everything to acquire LeBron James (just short of kidnapping him), Knicks fans watched him thumb his nose at their history and sense of entitlement in order to team up with New York’s ex-coach in a warm city with little basketball pedigree. Watch the Heat continue to relegate the Knicks to the NBA’s middle class at American Airlines Arena.
Sun., Feb. 27, 8 p.m., 2011


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