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New World Order

Gorgeous, gay Brit George Michael recently gave composer Steve Schalchlin the chance to play John Lennon’s piano — the infamous ivories used to compose “Imagine.” The performance was in Alec and Gabi Clayton’s front yard, where their son Bill had taken his life after he was bullied for being gay. Schalchlin recounts, “So that sunny day in Olympia, after the truck pulled up and delivered the piano beneath a shade tree in the front yard, I was sitting there looking down at John Lennon’s cigarette burns, touching the keys he touched, and thinking about him. What was he thinking the day he wrote this song?” Trying to tap into Lennon’s muse stimulated his creative juices, and New World Waking!b> was born. This musical journey, styled in pop, salsa, gospel, and low-down dirty blues, will be brought to you by Insignia, the Miami Gay Men’s Chorus’s vocal ensemble. Schalchlin communed with Lennon’s legacy and created a 14-track song cycle that he says “brings us to the realization that we have the power to effect change and that we are not alone in our desire and ability to do so.” Imagine that. Hark, the gayest angels sing at 4 p.m. this Sunday at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church.
Sun., April 10, 4 p.m., 2011


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