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Mike Gorman

New Ice Age

NOW 24/7

Yeah, it was an extreme political situation: Miami Beach Commissioner Matti Bower facing off with City Manager Jorge Gonzalez, wielding a stick and slashing the air with it. The incident happened earlier this month. Beach folk bore witness to this exhibit of politico exuberance, only recently eclipsed by the Howard Dean squawk, the screech-honk heard around the world. But unlike Dean supporters, Bower's constituents were neither alarmed nor ashamed, because she'd only taken up the stick as part of the soft opening for the new ice rink at the Scott Rakow Youth Center (2700 Sheridan Ave., Miami Beach). While the former Rorschach test-shaped rink had character, for 28 years it proved a menace to the physics of smooth blader traffic. The new 127-by-65-foot rectangle with curved corners, part of a $3 million redevelopment project for the center, ushers in a new era. On the revamped rink, skaters can glide as smoothly and effortlessly over the ice as thirsty tongues licking snow cones. Through Wednesday, June 2, a range of skating activities for groups from toddlers to adults is available throughout the week. Admission and skates for residents will be free. Nonresidents pay $3. See or call 305-673-7767 for schedule of activities. -- By Victor Cruz

Veggie Power

Kids learn radical diet

SAT 1/31

Kids, you don't want to bite into a mad cow burger! Yuck! It's time to say no to food with artificial flavors, growth hormones, chemical engineering, and even radiation. Tell Mommy that no, you don't want that poisonous Happy Meal! Rise up, kids. Fight the power! Save planet Earth by going vegetarian. You can learn all about it at Save the Earth Day, where the video The Food Revolution will be shown and author Ana Monnar will read from her book Poetry from Planet Earth. The revolution starts at 2:00 p.m. at JC&Co. Books and More, 46 Westward Dr., Miami Springs. Admission is free. Call 786-337-8778. --By Juan Carlos Rodriguez


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