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Never Say Die

The Florida Marlins are among the major-league leaders in game-ending hits this season, with nine. They’re also among the best at celebrating these kinds of victories, seeing that they have plenty of experience. Two weeks ago, in a crucial series against NL East leader Philadelphia, that game-winning hit came off Jorge Cantu’s bat. As he rounded the bases toward home, he knew what to expect as teammates gathered, ready to go buck wild on the day’s hero. Alfredo Amezega, Scott Olson, Jeremy Hermida, and other players pelted and smacked Cantu as he touched home plate.

"I was just trying to run away," Cantu told the Palm Beach Post. "They were grabbing me and hitting me. Somebody got in a good shot. I don't know who. It's just becoming normal with us." After they were done beating the shit out of their own teammate, the Marlins found themselves within a half game of first place. They took two games out of three from the Phillies thanks to superb pitching from Olson and Josh Johnson and, of course, thanks to timely game-winning hits from guys such as Cantu. That never-say-die attitude oughta keep the Fish in this thing all the way. It’s gonna be fun to watch. Thursday night they host the NL champions Colorado Rockies at Dolphin Stadium. First pitch flies at 7:10.
Thu., July 31, 7:10 p.m., 2008


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