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Needle Mania

The name may have changed, but the mission, in part, remains the same: the production of intelligent, sophisticated, uncompromising children’s theater that adults can appreciate too. With this MO in mind, the PlayGround Theatre in 2011 premiered The Red Thread, a motley and artful adaptation of the Chinese folktale “The Magical Embroidery,” about a workaholic craftsman, his unfinished masterpiece, and the internecine warfare it prompted among his three daughters. It being a fairy tale from the Far East, the three sisters’ minds, bodies, and spirits underwent changes in a rollicking adventure that offered fun and edification for audiences of all ages. The Red Thread was such an unqualified success for the company that its co-creators, Stephanie Ansin and Fernando Calzadilla, have revived and revamped it for their rebranded Miami Theater Center. Original cast members Troy Davidson and Marjorie O’Neill Butler will join seven other performers in a mystical trip to feudal China, complete with ornate costumes, elegant sets, and bold lighting.
Nov. 20-Dec. 22, 2013


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