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Nachos with Recycled Cheez Sauce

Blow out the match and put off lighting that tire fire until next week, because the third annual Miami and the Beaches Environmental Film Festival is screening eco-friendly films all weekend long. The aim of the festival is to inspire attendees through films that address local and global environmental issues. Some of the highlights are Belo Monte: Announcement of a War, in which indigenous Brazilians fight the government trying to turn the Xingu River into an energy source to the detriment of the environment; Desert Dreams, a narration-free exploration of the starkly beautiful images of the Sonoran Desert; and Elemental, a documentary screening this Thursday that tells the stories of a rebellious Indian government official trying to save the Ganges River, an activist fighting oil companies in the Canadian Tar Sands, and an Australian inventor developing new energy technologies. The festival is a project by the Environmental Coalition of Miami & the Beaches, which has arranged screenings of 15 documentaries from around the world at the Colony Theatre, New World Center WallCast, and Miami Beach Cinematheque in Miami Beach, as well as at Miami Biennale in Wynwood. In addition to a kayak eco-tour to Flagler Monument Island, the festival includes a sidebar called the Rio Miami Weekend, featuring Brazilian documentaries and a Lummus Park beach cleanup involving more than 100 Portuguese-speaking children. The last will take place this Saturday, so there’s still time to leave a trail of pão de queijo from the beach to your messy apartment. And this Sunday, Haven Lounge (1237 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach) will host a closing party, which perhaps will be staffed by the Portuguese-speaking children who, in keeping with the festival’s mission of sustainability, will then be distributed in gift bags to guests. Admission to the party is free.
Oct. 17-20, 2013


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