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Mystery Meat

She is called “the queen of crime” and known internationally for her brilliant journalistic skills and fearless reporting (you don’t win a Pulitzer for crime reporting by being a desk jockey). After leaving her newspaper gig at the Miami Herald, Edna Buchanan became one of the world’s premier crime novelists, penning The Corpse Had a Familiar Face, The Ice Maiden, Cold Case Squad, and Miami, It’s Murder. Her latest is Legally Dead, and to celebrate the first book in her new series, she’s hosting a once-of-a-kind dinner at fabulous neighborhood restaurant North One 10. At this Tuesday’s An Evening with Edna Buchanan, the menu is inspired by some dark details.

“I’ve loved Edna for years. I just love how she writes, even from way back when she was a crime reporter for the Herald in the Seventies,” chef and owner Dewey LoSasso gushes. For the evening’s menu, he’s whipping up appetizers such as “never let them see you cry” onion soup, and a “killer oyster” po’boy on Cuban bread. The “chopped limb salad of evil” is our favorite; hearts of palm, orange segments, and mixed greens never sounded so menacing. The yuca-crusted snapper is paired with “shadows” of black beans, and the braised short ribs come with garlic mash and “bloody sauce.” Um, delish? It costs $48 plus tax and tip for a meal without vino, and $58 with “evil wine flights.” Cue a rumble of thunder.
Tue., Oct. 14, 2008


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