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My Thumbs Oppose Nothing

It begins as a slight tingling, develops into a burning sensation, and then erupts with an oozy fervor to match your frustration. No, we’re not talking about your last STD; we’re referring to the ailment known as Nintendo thumb. And if you’re a real gamer, you play until your dried blood crusts the controller.

This Sunday, test your threshold for pain as you vie for cash alongside fellow hand-thletes in the Madden ’10 Xbox 360 Tournament, hosted by South Florida Madden Ballers at Video Game Stadium. Cost is $20 for the first 20 to sign up, $30 for everyone thereafter. The round-robin tournament guarantees you two games, and the first-place winner takes home $200. The top two players get Madden Federation national ranking points. Registration begins at noon, and the competition follows at 1 p.m. Hometown game pros, stand up.
Sun., Oct. 25, noon, 2009


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