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My Face Is Melting

Take a step back to the Nineties, when Miami’s streets were flooded with cheap psychedelics. Acid was as much a part of many people’s social stimuli as cigarettes and alcohol. Tri-county high schools, warehouse raves, and bedrooms across the land brimmed with powerful pharmacological agents. Mind-expanding/imploding trips were delivered via blotter paper, liquid, gel-tabs, and microdots. Thankfully times have changed. Nowadays the word Microdots refers to a South Florida alternative band. They play their own brand of trippy, funk-laced rock and roll, and Friday night they’ll make you see things when they hit the Vagabond stage as headliners.

The walls might melt, the roof might collapse, and dance-based pandemonium will probably ensue, but it won’t be hallucinatory. These types of things will happen when you mix dollar beers (till midnight), free entrance (till midnight), no dress code, and DJs playing whatever they want. The shit is crazy, and you don’t need to unleash the powers of a manufactured chemical on your psyche to experience it. Just swing by The Vagabond.
Fri., Sept. 5, 2008


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