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My Chlorinated Romance

The boy playfully dunks the girl’s head under the water, holding her there until she grabs his thigh in mock distress. With her mop of curly hair drenched straight, she emerges like a mermaid. The boy’s eyes follow her entire ascent. She spits crystal-clear water at him and pauses. His olive skin and hazel eyes are glowing in the moonlight, and their horseplay has her feeling like the title character in My Girl. The young lady closes her eyes; it’s just the two of them, off the pier on a hot summer night. Suddenly he splashes water on her face and jolts her back to reality. Her eyes fly wide open. They’re not right off the pier; they’re in the outdoor pool at Flamingo Park, enjoying some late-night Swimming Under the Stars. But it still feels good.

The cool, calm water; the absence of ankle biters; and the throwback feeling of it all: It might not turn into true love, but there’s nothing wrong with a little Marco Polo or a few Olympic-size laps. Note to all boys and girls: The sun sets around 8:15 p.m., so take advantage of the most natural mood lighting you’ll get. Admission is free for Miami Beach residents, six dollars for everyone else. Pool closes at 9:00 p.m.
Starts: July 1. Daily, 2007


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