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My Boat Is Bigger than Yours

If you lived in Montana, you might own a tractor, and if you were a proud Alaskan, you’d probably have a snowmobile in your arsenal of vehicles. So why do you, Miamian, not own a boat? Whether boarding a yacht for afternoons on Biscayne Bay or paddling a canoe for coasting along the myriad canals, we should all have some type of water transport. Can we write that into our stimulus bill, Barack?

While we wait on our boat package, we’ll indulge in the high-seas action at the 82nd Bacardi Cup Star Class Regatta. Beginning this Sunday at noon, Magic City dwellers with the appropriate rides will hit the waters near Coconut Grove for a face-off of the pros versus the amateurs. Yank on your cap à la Gilligan, ditch your land-lubbin’ friends, and meet up with other aqua lovers for a race in the spirit of an old-school regatta that’s been setting sail since the 1920s. There’ll be more than 200 entrants from countries all over the world, so don’t embarrass us. And please, don’t forget the Dramamine — tossing cookies off the side of a skiff is so booze-cruise of you. Visit
Sun., March 8, 2009


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