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Born in Santiago, Chile, and raised right here in stormy South Florida, Ashe has been at it for more time than most folks devote to realizing their lives, let alone their dreams. And never once has he lost faith, either in himself or in the music. Ashe gained his pivotal musical chops as lead singer for the shoegaze-style group Lunabelle, which reigned on our region's stages from 1995 to 2003. A cunning "cross between Spiritualized and the Bunnymen," as Ashe describes it, Lunabelle released two well-received EPs before calling it quits for reasons unknown. Some people insist the group is still missed.

In 2004, Ashe assembled the more electronically minded Marqui Adora and picked up the pace a bit, unleashing both the White Buildings and Don't Panic EPs within a year of each other. And though that band is now on semi-hiatus, Ashe decidedly isn't. He's got a new "throwback" group, Blak Swan, now re-imagining the era ruled by Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine, but "with Iggy Pop's attitude," he says.

But it's the DJing we're concerned with here, and according to Ashe, it all came about accidentally. The place was Poplife, then at the now-defunct Piccadilly Garden, and kingpin-cum-DJ Aramis Lorie needed a sub. In stepped Ashe, whose taste in indie and classics perfectly fit the occasion. The rest, as they say, was kismet.
Wednesdays, 8 p.m.-midnight, 2009


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