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Muppet in Miami

From his humble beginnings making casual commentary on the likes of Rick Ross and Live a little less than a year ago, to storming the airwaves and Twitter culture, Pepe Billete has almost become a household name among the bilingual cognoscenti who like their TMZ with abuela’s congri and your neighbor’s big ass. Regardless of how you take his surrealistically tropical sense of humor, Billete is a product of his time — if that time is, of course, the result of the entire Mariel boatlift having run train through Jim Henson’s Muppet factory on a 24-hour bender at Space. On the surface, this puppet might seem like a fad or a trendsetter, but it is the casual wit of his acerbic felt tongue that lashes true like all great comedians have done before him. Calling Drake “un gorilla afeminado” (an effeminate gorilla) is simply stating what nobody wanted to say before. And that’s just the first splash of a fountain whose well runs very deep under a town that will gladly feed the reservoirs for a long time to come.
Sat., April 28, 8 p.m., 2012


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