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Mouth to Mouth

Just as only the true king of England was able to remove the sword Excalibur from the stone, only the brave will be able to take a diamond from the mouth of Colombian performance artist María José Arjona. This Thursday, she’ll perform the third act in her Vires series at Miami Art Museum’s NWM 2010 Afterhours program. Arjona, who recently performed with Marina Abramovic at MoMA, challenges notions of force, desire, and personal space. She says the diamond “becomes a conceptual bridge by which force, within the process of obtaining the diamond from the earth, is tied to the social, political, and economical implications that lay underneath the beauty of the object.”

To supplement MAM’s “New Work Miami 2010” exhibit, the night also includes a live radio broadcast by Talking Head Transmitters, who will interview artists and scientists to find out how the art community can get involved in “the Big Spill.” Gean Moreno and Ernesto Oroza, who turned the museum’s exhibition notes into a zine-like tabloid, will give a gallery talk. And you’ll get the chance to meet NWM artists Felecia Chizuko Carlisle and Michael Genovese.
Thu., Aug. 5, 6 p.m., 2010


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