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Moan at the Moon

Popular legend would have you believe people go loony-toons once the full moon rolls around. Truth is, dog bite occurrences do double, but as long as you keep your mitts out of the Alpo, you should be safe. A better way to spend this astrological event is at Miami's newest Full Moon Party at the DiLido Beach Club, the only oceanfront restaurant and lounge on South Beach. Surround yourself with the sultry SoBe sky and enter a state of moonlight merriment, sip specially priced cocktails, and dine on a mouthwatering menu of Mediterranean delights prepared by chef Jeff McInnis, from Top Chef, while a DJ spinning world lounge music captivates you from 6 to 11 p.m.
Sat., Jan. 10; Sun., Feb. 8; Thu., April 9; Sat., May 9; Sun., June 7; Tue., July 7; Thu., Aug. 6, 2009


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