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Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

Whenever we tell people we're from Miami, either they picture us either rubbing padded shoulders with blue-hairs like the Golden Girls or they imagine us with three-piece suits, cocaine mustaches, and fingers on the trigger à la Scarface. Let us formally thank director Brian De Palma and writer Oliver Stone for rescuing Miami from Florida's reputation as God's waiting room.

The original 1932 Scarface, however, was filmed in Los Angeles and produced by mogul Howard Hughes, a man no stranger to criminal activity. Such irony inspired artist Drew Heitzler to deconstruct the 1932 Scarface for a multimedia installation, "The World Is Yours." In it, he invokes comparisons of the street crime glamorized in Scarface and Hughes's involvement in white-collar misdeeds. Heitzler will present a two-channel projection of the film alongside photos and press of Hughes's questionable activities.
March 13-April 30, 2010


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