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Miss Brown’s in Town

Rachel Brown is a soul singer whose smoky voice has drawn comparisons to Toni Braxton and Anita Baker. But of herself Brown says, “I don’t compare myself to anyone. I idolize Whitney Houston but I don’t have a lot of her style in my music.” Still, she does have some of Houston’s chart-climbing potential. Her hit single, “Let’s Fall in Love Again,” got as high as number nine on the Billboard “Hot Singles “sales chart with little radio play, but plenty of word of mouth. The song has especially become a hit with the steppers who found a unique groove underneath Brown’s sultry voice.

Brown continues her tour tonight at the F.Y.E. music store in South Beach, where she will perform and signautographs. Expect to hear “Let’s Fall in Love Again” and one of her B-sides, “Rise Again.” “I have a message that will leave people uplifted,” Brown says. Feel the spirit tonight at F.Y.E.
Tue., March 27, 5-8 p.m.


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