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The rest of the country loves to think of Miami as a pastel-colored celebrity playground of busty beach bods and strobe-lit gyration dens. But everyone who has lived here long enough knows a very different town that the cameras never seem to capture. For when the MacArthur Causeway's congestion of partygoing tourists clears, the Magic City and the people who live here are revealed.

Miami's varied cultural patchwork is explored in Michael McKeever's play Melt, which won the Carbonell Award for Best New Work and opens this week. The story follows three distinct families: a Cuban mother and son, an African-American brother and sister, and a Jewish father and son. As in the film Crash, their lives interweave in a way that builds understanding and highlights the cultural collage that makes Miami so damn unique
Wed., Feb. 10, 8 p.m., 2010


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