Mike Jack, Back Whether You Like It or Not

Depending on which portion of the King of Pop’s legacy you gobble up, you might have conflicting feelings about his death. Celebrate the amazing song that is “Billie Jean,” or rejoice in the demise of someone who might have been trying to get into little Billy’s jeans. Whichever way your moral compass sways, the heavily hyped and highly anticipated film This Is It will show you what MJ was doing in the months leading up to his untimely death this past June 25. You won’t see any baby-dangling, monkey-canoodling, or other tabloid-worthy crap, but 80-plus hours of rehearsal footage that has been compressed into a package giving you a sneak peek at what his 50-show London production would have been like had his physician been more Dr. Feelgood and less Dr. Death.

Watch the Gloved One dance, sing, laugh, and joke, because this is it — his final days, on film and in theaters for only a fortnight. Visit fandango.com for a list of venues and showtimes. Try the Cobb Miami Lakes 17 (6711 Main St., Miami Lakes) for $9.50 or Regal Cinemas South Beach (1120 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach) for $10.
Wed., Oct. 28, 8 p.m., 2009


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