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Mighty Fighters
Juan Carlos Rodriguez

Mighty Fighters

NOW 24/7

After around 3:30 p.m. they start streaming in. Carrying backpacks full of homework, or wearing uniforms from minimum wage jobs, the teenagers who work out at the 27th Avenue Boxing Center come in every day with determination. Inside there is no hype, no parents or teachers hounding them, no pressures from friends or others to act a certain way. Whoosh whoosh is heard as wrapped fists fly during shadowboxing intervals. After a buzzer, they rest as coaches Robert Daniels (former WBA cruiserweight champ) and Gomeo Brennan give pointers. At the sound of the next buzzer the teens get busy pummeling and dancing.

Though some may dream of Olympic medals or professional championships, the coaches keep them focused on the moment at hand.

The aim, says Brennan, a former fighter who trained with Muhammad Ali and Angelo Dundee, is to get kids to learn about self-discipline and control. "The kids walk in as gorillas," Brennan jokes. "And they walk out as housecats."

Housecats who can throw a good punch.

The gym opens at 3:00 p.m. at the 27th Avenue Boxing Center, 6940 NW 27th Ave. Registration costs $40 annually for minors, and $60 for adults. Call 305-835-7816. -- By Juan Carlos Rodriguez

Reel Life

Anglers get close-up with fish

THU 4/1

Over the next four days, the Miami Billfish Tournament promises more action on the scale than a week's worth of Weight Watchers meetings. In this case, fish -- wahoo, tuna, dolphin, kingfish, and billfish -- will be the creatures getting weighed, not people. A little grease around the gills just might be advantageous, though: The heaviest dolphin will earn a $5000 prize. And cash is just part of the attraction. Daily dock parties will feature food, drinks, music, raffles, and deals on maritime merchandise. Anglers from all over the world will compete in this tournament. Entry fees begin at $250 per person. Festivities take place at the Miami Beach Marina (300 Alton Rd.). Call 305-598-2525. -- By Nina Korman


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