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Miami Music's Funny Face

Though making weird faces is commonplace among singers, awkward facial contortions and bizarre muecas are critical elements of Albert Vargas's creative process. On his website, the Miami-based, indie-alternative singer/songwriter describes how he writes his music: "Making weird faces, whispering out the side of my mouth, saying what's in my head, and listening."

He elaborated a bit when we caught up with him in anticipation of his show at the Stage. "The thing about singing is that you're going to make muecas — sad faces, happy faces. You're expressing what you feel." It happens organically and subconsciously, he says, "like when you see Jimi Hendrix playing the guitar and making crazy faces."

When Vargas takes over the Stage, it'll be the third time the young artist tackles the Design District lounge. "Every time we go there, it's getting better," he says. Vargas is not only a regular featured act at the Stage but also a regular audience member. During Art Basel week, he supported local music by hanging out during Cody Chesnutt's set. "I'm a big fan," he says.
Wed., Dec. 21, 9 p.m., 2011


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