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Messing Around with Movies

What does Snoop Dogg call a light rain? A drizzle. (Ouch.) Professional comedians would refer to that, derisively, as a "street joke." Justine Barron, Michael Murray, and the rest of the Cine-Improv troupe work at a higher level than even the pros you see on Comedy Central, late-night TV, and at clubs. Their improvised take on film removes the middleman and leaves him (rolling) on the cut-up room floor (in this case that's the Miami Beach Cinematheque). For movies, live action is filmed. Here film becomes live action, in what is known as long-form improvisation. The performers, inspired by audience suggestions, will parody film dubbing and create a "movie" based on an audience member's life that will have fun with style, editing, characterization, and other cinematic staples. The show will also include an improvised musical interlude and something known as "The Armando Diaz Experience," an improv tradition involving a monologue combined with scenes played out by the comics.
Wed., Jan. 24, 9 p.m.


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