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We all know women’s bodies run on a biological clock. When the alarm sounds, it means menopause has set in, complete with all the typically unpleasant physical adjustments. Well, Dr. Scott Einhorn is here to educate the gents about their own ch-ch-ch-changes. He’s offering an interactive community presentation that deals with andropause. The men’s issues seminar will tackle “loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, breast enlargement, and hormonal imbalance. And, of course, the whole aspect of dirty bowels,” the licensed chiropractor and applied kinesiologist explains. All righty then. If that sounds funny to you, don’t worry: Dr. Einhorn welcomes chuckling. “It’s a lot of interactive fun. I ask people to please bring a notepad to write it all down,” he says. Come to the Self Enrichment Wellness Center. Admission costs ten dollars. Call 305-666-8881, or visit
Thu., Sept. 14


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