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Meet Purvis Young

Purvis Young’s first public art project appeared in the early Seventies -- he painted hundreds of pictures on plywood, using house paint, to boarded-up buildings along a stretch of Fourteenth Street in Overtown known as Goodbread Alley. Since then, he has become an iconic Miami painter whose work has been included in many prestigious collections, most recently, one donated by the Rubell Family to the Morehouse College in Atlanta. Renowned muralist Byron Peck is the creator of several landmarks and murals around the world, including Duke Ellington’s in Washington D.C., and the American Embassy in Santiago, Chile. Today marks a historic meeting between two geniuses of the art world, to brainstorm solutions for the restoration of Purvis Young's mural on the outside wall of the historical art complex in Wynwood which he created in the early nineties. “The mural”, as it is commonly known, has received considerable damage due to several years of neglect and inclement weather. Please visit or for more information.
Sat., Sept. 13, 10 a.m., 2008


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