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McCain Meets Macrame

Margarita Benitez has a talent for stitching together political imagery as deftly as J Mac’s spidery handlers weave fibs. Fortunately the artist’s attention-grabbing creations are free of the Jurassic snark peddled by the GOP. “State of the Union,” Benitez’s chilling exhibit at ArtCenter/South Florida, knits a combination of crafts and technology, producing contemporary tapestries mirroring antique brocades.

The show “addresses the daily bombardment of images from the media by extracting stills from live news feeds," Benitez explains. "The video images are then woven on computerized looms." Organizers hope Benitez’s powerful works will lead visitors to question the displacement from reality they see in the news. For some, the truth will be stranger than fiction — sort of like the notion that Republican fossils can steer the country in a new direction while pledging “straight talk” out of both sides of their mugs. The show runs through October 19. Call , or visit
Sept. 26-Oct. 19, 2008


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