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Marimba Hero

The marimba is this bulky xylophone-looking thing made of wood. Not very 2008. In an era when we've replaced saying hello with Facebook pokes, antiquated instruments just don't make the cut. We don't bother with anything analog anymore when there is a sensible digital alternative. Today's technology-savvy musicians prefer the marimba's digital offspring, the Marimba Lumina. This instrument replaces keys with "specialized control surfaces" that manipulate MIDI data when the musician hits them with special controllers. It's almost like Guitar Hero, except the user actually has to have some musical talent.

Postminimalist composer Lukas Ligeti will be demonstrating his mad Marimba Lumina skills at 8 p.m. at the Harold Golen Gallery. Ligeti's music combines the beep-beep-boops of electronics with the improvisational flourishes of jazz, against a background of intricate African-tinged soundscapes. His latest album is appropriately titled Afrikan Machinery. The event is part of the 12 Nights Series of Computer Music & Art at the gallery.
Sat., Sept. 27, 2008


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