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Making a Racket

Some tennis fans pay critical attention to the whoops, barks, groans, and moans emitted by top players, particularly on service. Check it out in person at the Tennis Center at Crandon Park during the NASDAQ-100 Open. The aural aspect to this technical and challenging sport is especially fitting considering the internationality of the field. Defending champ Roger Federer, Andy Roddick, Andre Agassi, and just a few others will wave the red, white, and blue against a direct-entry men’s field stacked with French and Argentine players. Russia is heavily represented in women’s, but Serena and Venus Williams alone make the U.S. of A. a favorite. The sisters have won this competition six of the past eight years. This year Belgian racketeer Kim Clijsters, the 2005 champ, will battle the Williamses, who are said to have the loudest moan grunts of any players in the world. The tourney runs through April 2; start times and ticket prices vary greatly. Tip: Check out the qualifying rounds Monday and Tuesday (March 20 and 21) at 10:00 a.m. for five bucks. Call 305-446-2200, or visit for a complete schedule.
March 20-April 2


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