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Make Your Bed

Charles Bukowski said, “Never get out of bed before noon.” Take the lowlife laureate’s advice a step further and stay in bed until at least 2 p.m. this Sunday — that is, if you plan on racing in the 1-800-411-PAIN Great Grove Bed Race. Homemade, bedazzled beds will rattle along an eighth-mile drag of Coconut Grove’s Grand Avenue while pushers huff and puff behind them. Yes, the point is to have the fastest, most awesome-looking bed, but the event is also a fundraiser. Each bed team has raised at least $250 to benefit Alonzo Mourning Charities and the University of Miami’s sleep medicine program.

The slumber party actually begins the night before with Saturday’s Pajama Pub Crawl, launching from the Grove Spot (3324 Virginia St., Coconut Grove) at 6:30 p.m. before hitting eight other neighborhood bars. On Sunday, visit the Bookstore in the Grove (3399 Virginia St., Coconut Grove) for the Family Pajama Party at 11 a.m., and then jury the Pit Row Parade of decorated beds at 1 p.m. Reigning over it all is this year’s grand marshal, IndyCar driver Tony Kanaan, who will throw handfuls of melatonin into the crowd. OK, he’ll probably just smile, wave, and sign some autographs.
Sat., Sept. 4, 2010


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