Make Some Noise

The endlessly fascinating thing about this flyer for the Obey Your Mastour kickoff party is the oddly erotic moment transpiring between the two humanoid creatures, struggling front and center. To be honest, I can't fully decode the sequence or nature of whatever's happening here ... I mean, what exactly is that 'roided-out monster jock force-feeding the vegan hardcore kid? Snot? Roofie? Miso paste? And why does the vegan — his eyes floating heavenward — appear to be enjoying this ultra-violent hug so much?

Oh well ... We might never fully understand the complex dynamics of the master-to-wimp relationship, but there's always opportunity for further research. So next Friday, don't forget to gather that data when Miami Beach prog-poppers Jacobs Ladder draw a crowd of all kinds — moshers, muggers, and huggers — to Churchill's for the launch of the band's late summer tour. In the Pub's main cave, there'll be a huge swarm of noisemakers, including Arboles Libres, Flower Flower Yes, And Then There Was You, the Bront, and Your Best Friend. Plus, as if six bands weren't enough, there will also be a quieter scene on the patio, featuring acoustic shows by Danielle Steele, Boy Have Heart, and Montgomery Drive. So basically, it's gonna be a night for everyone: monster jocks and vegans, masters and wimps, you and me. The only rule ... Obey.
Fri., Aug. 21, 2009

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