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Madonna Complex

Evita: In the years since Oliver Stone’s film adaptation was released in 1996, the title has become little more than a dated Madonna punch line. But it’s easy to forget that back in the days of Nintendo 64 and Dolly the Sheep, critics and audiences alike praised the movie’s story, music, and message. Many were genuinely stunned at how much they enjoyed Madonna in the role. The Material Girl hasn’t exactly aged well in the years since. But the Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber musical on which the movie was based still retains its charm. Through earworms such as “Buenos Aires,” “You Must Love Me,” and, of course, “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina,” the production tells the story of Eva Perón during her ascent from a citizen of Argentina’s lower class to that nation’s first lady.
Tue., May 27, 8 p.m., 2014


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