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Los Angeles and New York City are meccas for crafty chicks and DIY dudes, the kind of cool people who silkscreen their own hilariously sardonic T-shirts rather than buy them at mega consumer stores like Tarjet, thank you very much. Miami lags a bit in the crafting community -- which explains the overabundance of pricey boutiques in Coconut Grove and South Beach -- but thanks to Stephanie Spiegel’s cool store Rag*Trade, self-expressive fashionistas with nifty fingers have a place to sell, trade, and buy all kinds of stylish stuff. Today the shop’s sweet merchandise goes from the upstairs boutique to the parking lot for Kraftworks, an open-air indie market that’s got something fly for everyone.

“We’re gonna have three aisles, 25 vendors, cool DJs, an origami teacher, a masseuse, a book exchange, and my friend Mao will be doing live airbrushing,” says Spiegel. So what will be on sale at Kraftworks? Lots of inspiring items made by local designers and artists, like Tee Pop’s bright tote bags and Diana Nichols’s “Greatest of All Time” T-shirts, which make that Bob Marley tee you bought at Hot Topic look like hot garbage. Bring cash, a shopping bag, and a fashion-forward attitude.


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