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Macabre Movie Madness!

If you’re seeking a venue to celebrate Halloween that is as cool as the catacombs, think outside the pine box and head straight to the Miami Beach Cinematheque. The ghoulish cineastes have organized a weekend of terror starring the Italian horror masters, whose influence still clutches the throat of all slasher films. Succumb to Dario Argento’s darkest imaginings, including the seminal Suspiria.

Tonight the bodaciously butch drag queen Shelley Novak will pay tribute to Lucio Fulci. The ingenious giallo A Lizard in a Woman’s Skin will be screened at 9:30. Free admission to Back Door Bamby is included with your ticket. The fun continues Halloween night with the local premiere of Dark Waters, by up-and-coming filmmaker Mariano Baino, who won the Vincent Price Award at Fantafestival Rome for his moody, suspenseful efforts. The screening will be followed by a reception featuring A Suspirian World, a live installation/performance piece by the beautifully creepy Rachel Hoffman; and Dance Planet X with DJ Maximus 3000. Tickets for each film cost ten dollars. Call 305-673-4567, or visit
Oct. 27-30


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