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Love Those Happy Trails

It is the ultimate Zen exercise, and the way gas prices are rising, walking will also soon be a key element of America’s transportation system. When it comes to hiking trails, Miami offers plenty of compelling options: the loop at Shark Valley, the boardwalk at the main entrance of Everglades National Park, Matheson Hammock, Cape Florida, any given beach, any accessible part of the Glades. Oh, and the 1300-mile Florida National Scenic Trail, which begins in Big Cypress and stretches to Alabama. That’s a hike, and today is the day for one -- National Trails Day, sponsored by the 30-year-old advocacy group American Hiking Society to raise awareness and get everyone on their feet. The society suggests enhancing the walking experience: Incorporate bird-watching; organize a trail race; go at night and stroll under the moonlight; use GPS for treasure hunts; clean up a trail; go aquatic and make a river into a trail via canoe or kayak. To learn more about the bipedal organization, get ideas for the big day, and otherwise explore the exploring, visit You can also call 301-565-6704.
Sat., June 3


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