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Love Is in the Air

The sun is at full blaze, but you’re blocking the rays with your fedora, so it’s not bothering you. The temperature is set to “Hell,” but you don’t mind, because you’re on the shady side of Crandon Park’s Stadium Court, fanning yourself with a program. The folks who should be worried about sunburn and heatstroke are the 192 tennis pros competing for more than $7 million in prize money at this year’s Sony Ericsson Open.

Today through April 6, the Williams sisters, Roger Federer, Martina Hingis, and Maria Sharapova will be among the world’s top-ranked players storming the courts, sweating through singles and doubles matches that will have your neck snapping back and forth trying to follow the action. In addition to the games, the facility will host numerous style expos at the Sony Ericsson Open Fashion Park, as well as awesome musical performances, and even a cocktail party with tourney sponsor Bombay Sapphire on April 4. Today kicks off the Women’s Singles first round, and tickets cost $15.
March 26-April 4, 2008


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