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Look to the Laser

The socks suck, the new pants are too short, and you really didn’t need another copy of Seven Habits for Highly Boring People. But Santa came through with the right present from his giant sack: another sack -- a smaller, greener, stickier sack of goodness that will be the perfect accompaniment to Laser Fest Weekend 2006 at the Miami Museum of Science & Planetarium. Friday, December 29, and tonight you can experience four – yes, four – hours of musical mayhem while tripping to the light fantastic. Pink Floyd’s Echoes begins at 9:00, followed by the Best of the Doors at 10:00. You will reach the Dark Side of the Moon at 11:00, and the Best of Led Zeppelin will rock you at midnight (if the effects of that creepy weed haven’t already rocked you to sleep).
Sat., Dec. 30, 9 p.m.


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