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Look into These Crystal Balls

After realizing that your “psychic friend” Dionne didn’t even know the way to San Jose, and that your girl Miss Cleo was a lady-lovin’, Fort Lauderdale-livin’ fraud, you’ve been skeptical about random people predicting your fortune. But you haven’t yet met Daisy, the tarot card reader who takes over New Times’s Best Zen Gift Shop, Bagua, every Friday from 9:00 p.m. to midnight.

We know, every South Beach freak show wearing a head scarf claims to be able to read a pack of playing cards, but Bagua’s owner, Milda Vaivada, says Daisy is the real deal. “We’ve had people break down in tears, people that are very excited, and we even have people come back later and tell us amazing stories about how accurate she is.” If you’re still not convinced, bring a friend and let her be the guinea pig while you peruse the shop’s goodies or jam to the live music. The store is located just north of the Design District.
Fridays, 2007


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