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Living the Glamorest Life

The bad news: It’s been yet another average workweek in the all-too-average blur of your increasingly average existence. The good news: It’s officially Friday, and tonight you go glam. So toss on some expensive rocks and slip those feet into a pair of crystal slippers for Glamorous Life Fridays at Nikki Beach, the VIP wonderland where all of your on-the-clock daydreams might finally come true.

Beginning at 11 p.m., mix with the beautiful horde of high-class types (CEOs, celebs, plastic surgeons, etc.) as it gathers seaside for dancing, decadence, and debauchery. Special guest DJs will drop sophisticated doses of reggae, hip-hop, and house while entertainers take the stage throughout the night. The champagne bar will offer drink and bottle specials, so you can get glowing drunk without cracking your wallet or crystal footwear. Admission is $20 at the door. Now remember, the glamorous life is not make-believe unless you admit it — or until the clock restarts Monday morning.
Fri., July 10, 11 p.m., 2009


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