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Living History

Black History Month whizzes by like a full bus every February, and it invariably entails the same tributes to the same well-known African-American historical figures — King, X., Parks, Tubman, etc. There are so many other unsung ancestors who made their mark, and so little time. That’s why we’re eternally appreciative of the folks at The M Ensemble, Florida’s oldest established African-American theater company. Thanks to them, the forgotten heroes of black history are celebrated year-round. Case in point: their latest production, The Fannie Lou Hamer Story. If you’ve never heard of her, buy yourself a ticket and get ready to be amazed.

Her parents were sharecroppers, and her grandparents were slaves. Inspired by her family’s struggles, Hamer became a renowned civil and voting rights activist. She was a freedom fighter who kept to the grassroots but became a force to be reckoned with. Her story will be illustrated with song and celebration when the play opens at 8 p.m. at The M Ensemble Theater. Tickets cost $30 for opening night and $25 until the play closes July 13.
June 19-July 13, 2008


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