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We hear that the benefits can be great: TV Guide covers, consistent work, a familylike cast and crew. But being on one of those damn sitcoms sure can make a world full of people think you’re someone you’re not. Who knew that Full House’s Bob Saget is actually more of a cool uncle than corny dad? And that Screech could slang it like that? But a word to the sitcommers: No need to get all XXX and parental advisory, explicit-language on us. Just take a cue from John Henton and appear at the Improv, subtly letting us know you’re not the goofy Overton we giggle at in Living Single reruns.

From Thursday, June 14, to Sunday, June 17, Henton will be cracking Miami up with his take on all the craziness going down in our country, and of course the celebrity train wrecks. About Paris Hilton going to jail, he said matter-of-factly: “My cousin went to jail; ain’t nobody care about him.” Tickets start at $18.19, plus the standard two-drink minimum.
June 14-17


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