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Literary Snapshots

With just one glance, great photography has the power to transport you to other locations and times. You lose yourself in aquamarine skies, emerald oceans, and cobblestone paths, and imagine -- even if for a moment -- you are somewhere other than your chaotic world. In “The Borders between Dreams and Reality,” documentary photographers Claudia Katz and Jen Sens present 40 original works with excerpts from literary masters in the genre of Magical Realism. “These are all documentary photos, but what happens in reality is often fantastic,” says Sens.

The women became friends while attending grad school in Gainesville. “Our work is really similar,” says Sens. “We got together and started looking through our images ... and while we were trying to describe our images, we started to think about [literary passages].” Accompanying Sens’s photo of a male swimming beneath the surface of South Africa’s olive green waters is a quote from “Dialogue with the Mirror” in Collected Stories by Gabriel García Márquez: “His body, sunk in the water of dreams, could move, live, evolve toward other forms of existence....” Sip on sangria as you lose your grip on reality today from 4:00 to 8:00 at the Miami Center for the Photographic Arts at Borders Fine Art Picture Framing. Call 305-649-0324, or visit
March 11-April 15


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