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Listen to the Land

One often associates Haitian art with bucolic scenes where nature and man coexist in a wild splash of color, but you won’t find a sugar-coated vision of life in a tropical paradise in Edouard Duval-Carrié’s works. His perspective unfolds a view of Haitian history that appears suspended in mythic timelessness. “Uprooted” at the Bernice Steinbaum Gallery features an arresting crystal-encrusted series of monochromatic pastel works on paper that capture Haiti’s vodou deities with haunting beauty, conjuring the soul of the island. “Edouard believes that things have gotten so bad in Haiti that first the people, then the animals, and later the gods even left,” Steinbaum explains. “In this show he is calling them back. The works are very polemic and speak profoundly to issues of the African diaspora.” @cal body 2:Also showing is “The Absent Puppeteer,” showcasing work by María José Arjona in the project room. “She is examining those intangible energies that each of us has inside us but rarely unleashes,” Steinbaum says. Both exhibits run through July 1. Call 305-573-2700, or visit
May 26-July 1


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