Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless

The 1988 comedy classic Dirty Rotten Scoundrels was set on the French Riviera, but the scenario could just as easily be transposed to posh local areas like Bal Harbour, Las Olas, and Palm Beach. With a number of wealthy, desperate housewives and lonely socialites in South Florida, a distinguished con man and his competing moronic counterpart could find easy prey at any high-end mall. Luckily for our rich, the only place such Scoundrels can be found is at the Carnival Center for the Performing Arts.

Steve Martin and Michael Caine’s hilarious film has been remade as a Broadway musical that has won a slew of Tony Award nominations and high critical praise. The touring production stars Tom Hewitt as the dignified Lawrence Jameson and Timothy Gulan as the shifty Freddy Benson (and undoubtedly also as Ruprecht the Monkey Boy, who, last we heard, was still searching for Mother).
Dec. 5-20


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