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Let’s Start the Debate

Before the NBA Draft this past June, the consensus by scouts and executives was that the draft class was all about highly touted guard Derrick Rose and prolific forward Michael Beasley, with everyone else a distant second. On June 18, the Chicago Bulls made Rose the first overall pick. The Miami Heat took Beasley with the second pick. This Friday night’s matchup at the American Airlines Arena is the first NBA head-to-head meeting between Rose and Beasley. Experts agree it’s still too early to tell which will have the better career. So, for now, we’ll have to judge them based not on who is the better player but, rather, who is the bigger dolt.

Beasley missed a game owing to a bout with the flu, which he says he caught from his dogs. Rose missed some time for suffering a gash on his arm that required 10 stitches; he supposedly rolled over on a knife he was using to carve an apple in bed. Meanwhile, third-overall selection Memphis guard O.J. Mayo leads rookies with 20.8 points per game. Go figure. Tip-off is at 5. Tickets range from $10 to $350 and can be purchased at
Fri., Dec. 26, 2008


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