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Let's Go Ride a Bike

Now that you have that sporty new chocolate brown and pink bike (complete with matching Timbuk2 messenger bag) for tooling around town, why aren’t you doing it? Yeah, we’ve heard all of your excuses, and we’re not buying any of them, so get off of your duff and gather your cycling buddies for today’s Redland Historic Bike Hike. Beginning at 9:00 this morning, Castellow Hammock Park naturalists will guide you on a leisurely twelve-mile bike through the Redland and the Fruit and Spice Park. You will even get a little history lesson with your workout as the guides tell you about Hainlin’s saw mill, Anderson’s corner, James Castellow, and more. The cost is $20 (add $5 to rent a bike). Pre-registration is required. Call 305-242-7688, or visit
Sat., Sept. 30


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