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Let’s Go Crazy

We are just as depressed as you are about the end of the swag-bag party season. We check our mailbox every day for glossy invites to fabulous hotel parties, to no avail. What are locals supposed to do all summer long? You could watch endless hours of crappy reality TV (remember when summers used to mean reruns?), or you could check out the latest hot spot, the Biltmore Hotel. The swanky Gables landmark plans to keep the season’s nights sizzling with the Live @ the Biltmore music series. To get the party started, the Latin Grammy-nominated Locos por Juana will be blasting their funky beats throughout June. The Best of Miami-winning band, whose influences include Manu Chao and Bob Marley, will get you moving with a Latin and Caribbean-infused mélange of reggae, funk, salsa, ska, and electronica. And when you take a break from shaking it to “She’s the Devil” and “Yolanda,” you can enjoy half-price bar snacks and drinks, including tequila-infused cocktails by Sauza Tres Generaciones. Listen to the band tonight and every Thursday by the pool at the hotel’s Cascade Restaurant and Boules Bar.
Thu., June 8, 6-10 p.m.


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