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Let's Be Friendswithyou

This Thursday, your friends Friendswithyou are throwing a launch party and art show at the Kidrobot store in South Beach. They are launching a line of 29 little dudes that you can take with you anywhere for good luck and happiness. The zipper-pulls are called The Luckies, and I can guarantee that owning one of these little guys will get you lucky, not only with ladies, but with anyone you want to be friendly and open with.

Founders Sam Borkson and Tury (Arturo Sandoval III) are also excited about the limited edition full color screen prints they will be debuting at the event. They come in two sizes, "huge and big." All you people who are trying to look cool and act aloof, remember there was a time when fun was fun, and not everyone was your enemy (sometimes all the girls I've Biblically are my enemy, but that's my cross to bare). Friendswithyou welcomes you with a smile and a hug into their world. They "just want to make new friends."
Thu., May 7, 2009


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