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Let the Right One In

Local vampires who have been sidelined from South Beach clubs, rejoice. This Saturday, you may enter Lux via an invitation to Theatre of the Vampires Halloween Ball. For those skeptical of whether vampires truly exist, consider ancient India’s vetalas, Greece’s striges, and Madagascar’s ramanga (who supplement their blood diet with nail clippings — yum). There have been tales of bloodsuckers as long as there has been, well, blood. We don’t doubt the crowd will include a few followers of the vampire lifestyle: odaxelagnists, those aroused by biting or being bitten, and hematoagnists, AKA blood fetishists. For the rest of you just trying to look the part, don’t embarrass us by simply throwing on some fangs and a cape. Vampires come in many styles: steam punk, in vintage aviator goggles; Goreyesque, with skinny dark suit and black umbrella; Twi-hards, mop-haired and lovelorn; and bayou, oversexed and speaking with a bad Southern twang. DJ Vertigo will provide the soundtrack, but make sure only pretend vampires grind on you by pregaming with a plate of garlicky pasta.
Sat., Oct. 30, 10 p.m., 2010


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