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Let the Butt-Kicking Commence

It was a wild summer for Miami Heat fans. One filled with irrational fear (Oh, no! Dwyane Wade is going to Chicago and we’ll be left with Carlos Arroyo as our best player!); tempered enthusiasm (No way LeBron decides to come here! That’s a laughable pipe dream!); joy (D-Wade and Chris Bosh? Joy!); and downright over-the-top giddiness (Holy buckets of crap! LeBron is bringing his talents to South Beach! Gahh!). Pat Riley’s Jedi mind trick on LeBron James and Chris Bosh worked. The Three Kings are a fantasy team come to life. And now everyone hates us. But that’s fine. Because the truth hurts. And the truth is, the Heat is now fully armed and operational. The team kicks off the Year of Pain with a preseason matchup against the Detroit Pistons this Tuesday at the American Airlines Arena. Sure, it’s only preseason. But no game is too meaningless to begin destroying NBA ass.
Tue., Oct. 5, 7:30 p.m., 2010


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