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Less Is More

Sure, the Internet might be infinite, but all of you laptop producers gotta understand it’s not OK to digitally release whatever noise pollution creeps out of your MacBook. And frankly, it’s time to stem the flow. Otherwise, like minimal techno DJ Matt Tolfrey says, “You’re just filling up a virtual record shop full of shit.”

If you’re not already MySpace friends with the Nottingham-based Tolfrey, you should be. He’s someone whose music-related advice should be heeded. With a name that ranks alongside Hawtin and Villalobos, he’s a professional party-starter who also heads the Leftroom label, bouncing between continents to spread the good word about minimalism. Which is why, little laptoppers, you must join the accomplished Professor Tolfrey when he hits the Electric Pickle this Friday. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll finally learn the value of self-control. The seminar begins at midnight.
Sat., Sept. 19, midnight, 2009


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