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Long live authors — architects of the stories that give information, emotional stimulation, and even frustration if you don’t happen to agree with the words inside the books. But whether something causes your blood to boil or your eyes to twinkle, the Miami Beach Historical Association is celebrating those who create, with the 2008 Miami Beach Author Series, a monthly event that will bring readers and writers together under the same roof. Or in this case — and better yet — in the same garden, because the event will be held on the grounds of the lush Miami Beach Botanical Garden.

This month’s featured author is veteran Miami journalist Howard Kleinberg, who will discuss and sign copies of his books Miami Beach: A History, Woggles and Cheese Holes, and Miami: The Way We Were. Learn about Miami Beach’s rich architectural history so you can school your friends on how the place is deeper than vapid models and pretentious nightlife. Admission is free. Visit
Wed., Oct. 22, 2008


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